Booking Monday

July 20, 2020

What's up, Monday! Calling all grads - know someone who recently graduated (or who's kid recently graduated)? They'll likely need some professional duds as they prepare to step into the working world. Reach out to the grads in your life and offer to host a shopping event for the grad and her friends!

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Blast Your Business Wednesday

October 28, 2020

Blast your Business Wednesday - head into the Rebecca Allen IG archives and grab your favorite post to reshare to your own social platform! Here are a few that'll capture your followers' eyes:

And some tried and true favs: 

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Social Media Tuesday

October 27, 2020

It's Social Media Tuesday - make sure you have a well-rounded social media platform. An IG or FB that's only about business is overwhelming, and really, your business is all about you! Keep it authentic - if you haven't posted something about life, do so today (your family, something that inspired you or made you laugh, a great meme, etc).

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Booking Monday

October 26, 2020

What's up, Monday! We're starting to plan our holiday gifting, how about you? Our shoes are coveted gifts, and our masks are excellent stocking stuffers. Help your friends and family check some gifts off their lists with you!

Let's start this with some long distance love - make a list of your far away friends and family and start reaching out to see who wants a fun virtual get together.

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