Who We Are

Founder and CEO Rebecca Allen wearing practical solutions for real women

Sophisticated Solutions for Women

"After I couldn’t find the perfect nude shoe for my own skin as a black woman working in finance, I launched my initial collection of five nude shades in a modern, timeless style.

Our goal is to help you walk into every situation in life with confidence and make your work easier." 

"I scoured swatches and borrowed my friends’ feet to find five nude shades to complement women from dark to light."

Timeless and Modern Styles

Our nude shoe styles take you from the boardroom to a night out and all throughout the weekend.  

Women-based team 

Made in Brazil


Made in small batches 

Wearable and practical

Rebecca Allen is a nude shoe brand for and about women of color which provides practical solutions for real women

"Repping all day. Big meetings - bold dress and the perfect shoe. Girl, I killed it." - Jumi F.