New month, who dis? Start this month on the right foot (#shoepuns) by taking a step back to think about how much you want to earn, and what that money will do for your life. Does it pay off a bill, go towards long term savings, or will you #treatyourself?

Fill out your monthly Goal Setting Worksheet to set your earnings goal and see how many events and/or 1:1 sales you’ll need to make that $$$. Play around until you find the earnings and time combo that fits your life this month.

Once you know what you’ll need to do that month, go in and block dates/times on your calendar that you want to dedicate to events or appointments. This serves two purposes:

  1. You won’t feel overwhelmed trying to figure out where to fit business time into your schedule later this month, and
  2. When you reach out to book events, you can quickly share the specific dates & times you have free. This takes one more decision off your co-host’s plate, and makes you sound in-demand.


Don’t forget to track your outreach and follow-ups! Look at you, you organized businesswoman!