New Month, who dis?

November 01, 2020

New month, new comp plan, new rewards, lots of cash on the table for those upcoming holiday bills - get yours!

Start this month on the right foot (#shoepuns) by taking a step back to think about how much you want to earn, and what that money will do for your life. Does it pay off a bill, go towards long term savings, or will you #treatyourself?

Fill out your monthly Goal Setting Worksheet to set your earnings goal and see how many events and/or 1:1 sales you’ll need to make that $$$. Play around until you find the earnings and time combo that fits your life this month.

Once you know what you’ll need to do that month, go in and block dates/times on your calendar that you want to dedicate to events or appointments. This serves two purposes:

  1. You won’t feel overwhelmed trying to figure out where to fit business time into your schedule later this month, and
  2. When you reach out to book events, you can quickly share the specific dates & times you have free. This takes one more decision off your co-host’s plate, and makes you sound in-demand.


Don’t forget to track your outreach and follow-ups! Look at you, you organized businesswoman!

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Follow-up Friday

December 04, 2020

It's Follow-Up Friday - who did you reach out to this week to book an event? Who was considering placing an order? Who received an order this week?

Follow-up to close the loop, book those events, and provide excellent customer service.

Hot tip - when you initially reach out to someone, leave a VM, or someone places an order with you, tell them you'll be following-up with them. It holds you accountable and lets them know why you're reaching out again. Win win!

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Thursday's in the Wild

December 03, 2020

It's Thursdays in the Wild and we're headed back to the cozy place - the coffee shop. I know we've been there a time or two before, but it's good to go back every couple months to drop off some fresh business cards and spread the word about Rebecca Allen. Don't forget to ask if you can do a pop-up in their space!

Also - today's the 3rd of December so let's set some goals. While Fast Start for All may be over, those Level Up bonuses are here to stay! 

How much do you want to earn? Your earnings potential is unlimited and directly tied to your efforts! Here's a look at what a couple sales goals could earn you:

  • Sell $5,000+ (~2 shows/wk): earn $2,250
  • Sell $3,000 (~1 show/wk): earn $1,250
  • Sell $1,500 (~2 shows this month): earn $575

Let's get back to basics - either go back to your old Who's In Your Network list and reach back out to 20 people from that list, or fill out a new list and reach out to 20!

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Social Media Wednesday

December 02, 2020

Instead of Blasting your Business this Wednesday, we figured your feed and your followers (and you!) could probably use a breather now that our epic sale is over. 

An IG or FB that's only about business is overwhelming, and really, your business is all about you! Keep it authentic - if you haven't posted something about life, do so today (your family, something that inspired you or made you laugh, a great meme, etc).

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