Hi there!

I’m so excited to share that we have been testing our Fit Expert program and we are now rolling it out more broadly to our community. 

When I first launched Rebecca Allen, I did a ton of in-person pop-ups. Before having a baby I had so much time! I spent weekends traveling around to major cities doing shop-in-shop days at complementary stores, sharing the brand with new customers and telling my story. It was so fun to engage with customers, learn about the size and fit of our shoes and get feedback. We also had fantastic sales so I knew we were onto something.

 rebecca allen at a pop up

Out of these pop-ups and activations came something I didn’t expect. We started to see women reach out to ask when we were coming back to a given city, offering to host events, help us find space and bring friends together to shop. The concept for the Fit Expert was born to invite women to join us in sharing the brand and expanding our reach. We believe that shopping with friends is always more fun and we wanted to create a way to bring more women together (now more important than ever!) and to make it a worthwhile endeavor for budding entrepreneurs, boss ladies getting on their side hustle and mamas looking to make some coin from home after putting kids to bed. 

What are the details?

Folks who sign up to become a Fit Expert don’t need sales experience, we give you all the tools and training you need. A Fit Expert simply shares Rebecca Allen with friends and family through 1:1 chats and small group events (in person or virtual) and earns 20% on all their purchases. Expand your network by rewarding your friends and family to co-host events, introducing you to their networks, and you've got a thriving business!

But, why?

Brands pay out billions of dollars to Facebook and Google to capture our attention. We would much rather pay this money out as commission to women (and men!) in our communities. We want our customers to know that when they shop with us they are not only supporting a Black/Women-owned brand but also keeping money local and supporting their neighbor.

Rebecca Allen with daughter

Our Fit Experts are gearing up to grow with us. Folks who join will have access to the resources of our team, all the training they need, great perks and an opportunity to help us develop our next products. The truth is, every job has a sales component whether you need to get buy-in from your team, or you make cold calls to prospective customers. So training with us will reap rewards today and in the future. 

Our early Fit Experts have incredible stories to tell and we can’t wait to share! My goal has always been to help women put their best foot forward (shoe puns..) and with the Fit Expert program, we have a unique opportunity to raise up together.

If you are interested in joining our team, click here! And if you know someone who may be interested in joining please pass this along. Questions? Email us at hello@rebecca-allen.com and we’ll be happy to share more details with you.

Standing up!