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Despite the sheer wealth of Black-owned fashion brands already out there, the fashion industry has a lengthy, exhausting history of exclusive, racist behavior toward the Black community. Even though the industry has taken steps toward diversity and inclusion, the journey toward a wholly accepting and inclusive environment for the Black community is ongoing. Countless Black-owned fashion brands have long worked to bring to life some of the most stunning collections of all time, and while doing so, fostered a community in which Black people can see themselves and their experiences reflected through fashion.

Knowing and supporting Black-owned fashion brands is the first step toward pushing the fashion industry to be more inclusive of the Black community — and it's an effective start in advocating for broader, systematic change as well. With people around the globe continuing to protest the blatant racial injustices against the Black community, it's high time to make Black-owned apparel and accessories brands a staple in your wardrobe and to continue doing so for the days, months, and years to come. Read on below for some amazing Black-owned brands you'll want to stunt in every single day. We'll update this list regularly with even more established and emerging brands.

The Two-Strap, Nude II

Shop here for: a collection of classic shoe styles — like flats, pumps, and strappy heels — made in varying shades of nude.

What to try:

the two strap nude II


See The Skim, Nude II here.

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