Rebecca Allen Designs Stylish, Sustainable Footwear to 'Compliment Women From Dark to Light'

For a long time, many brands and designers all thought nude meant one universal shade of beige. Despite the fact that people with different skin tones have existed since the beginning of time, it’s taken this long for even just a few brands to create “nude” options for people with deeper complexions.

Businesswoman turned designer Rebecca Allen knew this issue all too well. As a professional woman, she struggled for many years to find a truly nude shoe for her. “After I couldn’t find the perfect nude shoe for my own skin as a Black woman working in finance, I launched my initial collection of five nude shades in a modern, timeless style,” Allen writes on her website.

Of course, perfecting different shades of nude is no easy feat. To help inform her collection, Allen did her research. “I scoured swatches and borrowed my friends’ feet to find five nude shades to compliment women from dark to light,” she explains.

Rebecca Allen footwear isn’t just designed to be inclusive of different skin tones, however. The brand’s shoes are also crafted with comfort and sustainability in mind. The shoes are made in small batches in Brazil and custom-designed to be wearable and practical.

If you want to add some Rebecca Allen footwear to your closet, you can purchase a pair on the designer’s website or at Nordstrom. The department store recently began carrying three of her most popular designs in a range of nude shades. Check them out below.


Rebecca Allen The Block Sandy Ankle Strap Sandal, $145

Available in three nude hues, these stylish sandals will look great with dresses and jeans alike.


Rebecca Allen The Twist Slide Sandal, $149

The search is over! These are the perfect nude mule sandals to wear with anything for any occasion.


Rebecca Allen The Skim Flat, $150

This pointy-toe flat is dressier than round-toe styles, making it perfect for work or even date nights. It’s available in four different shades of nude.


Rebecca Allen The New Pump, $165

High heel lovers should definitely check out these stunning patent leather pumps that feature ample padding in the toe bed and a 3 ½ heel.


Rebecca Allen The Two Strap Sandal, $178

Perfect for a wedding or a fancy night out, these two-strap sandals look super elegant on the foot and will make your legs look supermodel-long.



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