Did you know you can build a shopping cart for your customer and let them check out on their own? It’s a great, secure way to let customer’s enter their own private information, while making the shopping process super simple!


This video shows you how, and we're breaking it down here, too!

First, head to www.rebecca-allen.com, then find the item or items your customer wants. In this case, the customer is looking for the 3 pack of Face Masks in Nude II.

Simply add the item to cart, then click Checkout.


From here, click on the pink Show Order summary drop down at the top of the page and add in your code so the order is assigned to you.

Make sure you see your code applied to the order:

Then tap on the url at the top to highlight, then tap it again to select copy. Now you can send the link via text, email, DM, however you prefer.


And that’s it – happy selling!