You're making that coin, now it's time to get paid. Here’s how it works:

When are Commissions Paid

We pay commissions twice monthly - the 4th of the month and the 19th of the month. If Pay Day falls on a weekend or bank holiday, you’ll be paid the business day before pay day.

Pay Schedule


What’s included in each Payout

  • Sales & Returns made between the 1st and 15th of each month will be paid on the 19th
  • Sales & Returns made between the 16th and last day of each month will be paid on the 4th
  • Any incentives or bonuses earned throughout the month will be paid in the Payout on the 4th for the full previous month

How are Commissions Paid

Commissions are paid via PayPal. 

What about Taxes?

You are considered a 1099 contractor for tax purposes, so we do not deduct taxes from your pay. We recommend you connect with an accountant who can help you establish a tax plan for yourself - whether you’ll pay annually or quarterly. At the beginning of each year, we’ll provide Fit Experts with their annual 1099 from the previous year so long as they earned enough commissions in that year to owe taxes.