Meet Julian Paik, another one of the incredible women we asked to jump in front of the camera during our spring campaign. 

Julian is the owner and founder of Paik Studio, a brand-focused consultancy that guides clients through retail and sales strategy, as well as the owner and head baker of Breadbrose, a sourdough-focused baked goods brand located in the NYC.

Read on for a glimpse of how Julian gets All Worked Up!


What advice do you have for women who dream of launching their own businesses?

Keep your focus on yourself and the success you envision for your business and don’t get bogged down by the noise and what others are doing.


What is your go-to power outfit?

A perfectly tailored pant suit.


How do you balance your time between Paik Studio and Breadbrose?

Paik Studio is my work child, I spend most of my days in consulting mode, making sure I’m being the most effective for all my clients. Breadbrose is my labor of love, I allocate my baking time for evenings and weekends where it can be easygoing, less thinking and more hands-on.



How do you recharge after a stressful week at work? 

Go for a long run by the Hudson with my dog Archibald.


What's your favorite RA style and what would you wear it with?

The Twist sandal. Would wear with my favorite jeans and a white tank.