Meet Shelby Ying Hyde, another one of the incredible women we asked to jump in front of the camera during our spring campaign. 

Shelby Ying Hyde is a Brooklyn-based contributing fashion editor at and the former Shopping News Fashion Editor at The Zoe Report. Prior to entering the editorial space, she worked on the copywriting team at luxury e-commerce giants Net-a-Porter and Moda Operandi, where she gained an extensive understanding of the luxury market as it pertains to brand discovery, shopping and engaging customers in a digital space. She also has a secondhand shopping column with Nylon, offering readers advice on buying vintage. Follow @theshelbyying on Instagram for shopping advice, sale updates, and tips for building a well-rounded wardrobe. Bylines include Teen Vogue, Essence, Elite Daily and more.

Read on for a glimpse of how Shelby gets All Worked Up!


What are the top 5 essentials every woman needs in her wardrobe?

I’m big on capsule wardrobing and building a well-rounded selection of pieces that will accommodate a range of occasions. To me, that includes the following: A well-tailored suit, denim (that fits), an oversized collared shirt, a slip dress, and, of course, the classic white tank or tee. However I interviewed “the Carrie Bradshaw of TikTok”, Carla Rockmore, a bit ago and said something that really resonated with me: Essentials are whatever you know will work hard in your closet and it will be different for each person. It’s really good advice that I’ve thought a lot about in recent months.


What are your top tips for people interested in pursuing a career in fashion?

A lot of people put the emphasis on hard work, but I am a proponent of working smarter not necessarily harder. It’s something that my dad instilled in me very early on and is very much still the approach I use today. And as much as I hate to say it, when they say it’s all about who you know, that’s so true. Forging genuine relationships and networking laterally as you begin your career is so incredibly important.


What are your top tips for shopping vintage?

In a general sense my biggest piece of advice would be to keep an open mind but never don’t settle or force it. But it definitely varies according to category. I have a shopping column on dedicated entirely to the subject, where I offer complete guides to shopping second-hand and vintage; It covers everything from jeans and handbags, getting as specific as finding those perfect Levi’s or a guide to Chanel jewelry.



How do you recharge after a stressful week at work?

As a natural-born introvert, I find it best to keep it lowkey. I’ll go to an early dinner with one of my closest friends to vent or stay home all weekend with my dog and watch a random documentary.


What's your favorite RA style and what would you wear it with?

I’m a sucker for nude strappy sandals and Rebecca Allen’s ‘The Two Strap, Nude II’ pair. I definitely see myself wearing them with slinky slip dresses all summer.