We kicked off spring with a fresh campaign for our new styles and for our resort styles that we are carrying forward into the season.

For the first time, we invited a number of incredible women to jump in front of the camera. We plucked leaders from the editorial world and entrepreneurs who are not only making waves in their fields, but also setting an example for all of us to take bold steps forward in our own careers. It was so much fun to pair our new shoe styles with beautiful outfits. 

Here's a sneak peak at the incredible women we had the pleasure of working with:

  • Julian Paik: Retail consultant at PAIK STUDIO 
  • Shelby Ying Hyde: fashion editor at Harper's Bazar 
  • Kia Goosby: fashion editor at Vanity Fair 
  • Tyler McCall: editor in chief of Fashionista


Stay tuned as we feature the women in the coming weeks- I hope you enjoy!